Join our fast growing SheerGuard SA family

  1. Developed for Owner/Operators with minimal staff requirements, who do not require retail space
  2. Fast growing and sustainable industry
  3. Low initial investment
  4. Healthy profit margins
  5. Established and credible track record
  6. Low stock holding
  7. Highly scalable business
  8. Low administration required
  9. Onsite and offsite training to get you up and running within your first month
  10. ROI 12-18 months

Franchise Opportunity

Join the Multi Billion Dollar Security Industry

Looking at starting your own company?

Sheerguard S.A. is an established business with low risk, less effort enterprise with a proven and successful business model. 

Be Your Own Boss

SheerGuard S.A. is a progressive security company specialising in the design, supply and installation of the world’s strongest clear burglar bars and a wide range of premium door and window security products and
transparent security gates at affordable prices!

For those who are looking to take control of their future.

Our motivation: You succeed – we succeed

Why choose Sheerguard S.A. Franchise

Advantages Of A Franchise


You purchase a business concept that has already been tried and tested and is among South Africa’s leading manufacturer suppliers and installers of clear burglar bars, transparent security gates and child safety barriers! Our management team has spent years building, managing, and perfecting the business model and operating structure..


Comprehensive training in all aspects of running a SheerGuard franchise will be given to you by the SheerGuard franchise HQ team before and after launching your business.


SheerGuard differentiators are vast. It is a simple concept with a quick cash flow. Starting with a reasonable investment and has the vertical relationships coupled with proprietary products. Designed for work from home scenarios with scalable tiers.


The risks of setting up our franchised business model are substantially reduced when compared to establishing a new business in the same market. If you believe you have what it takes to become a successful SheerGuard Franchise please complete the form below or alternatively call us now.

Security: A Billion Rand Industry

Become a part of USA’s Multibillion dollar industry!

According to Statista Research Department The US security industry is worth a staggering $48 billion dollars. Despite the economic effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the industry is expected to increase by 4.3 percent in 2022!

Franchise Areas Available


SHEERGUARD USA is a progressive security company specializing in the design, supply and installation of premium grade SHEERGUARD clear burglar bars, child safety barriers and transparent security gates at affordable prices. Our products are designed to enhance each living space with an unparalleled aesthetic ability to merge both indoor and outdoor spaces whilst keeping inhabitants safe! .


After months of searching for a successful Franchise brand in South Africa to buy into, SheerGuard SA was my No1 Choice. By joining an experienced Franchise organisation, SheerGuard SA never seized to amaze my Son and I by making us feel like part of the family from day one. Sheerguard SA has afforded my son and I the opportunity to grow the Sheerguard SA brand on the Dolphin Coast and be able to work as a father son team. By joining the Franchise my son and I went through an intensive training programme. This included sitting in a training room and being taught sales techniques, the history of Makrolon and fully understanding the product range to finally being able to do installations with an experienced installation team The training was beyond anything we could of expected and taught us so much and made us feel confident in the decision we made to buy into the franchise. This training was superb and has given us the knowledge and ability to supply the best possible service and products to our customers. Blowing our minds further Ricky and Kelvin came down to the Dolphin Coast and assisted in launching Sheerguard SA. The training was extremely informative and the knowledge that Ricky Walton owner of the SheerGuard SA Franchise shared with my son, and I will always be imprinted in our minds.

Mark and Hunter Brown - Durban North

When the opportunity arose to buy a SheerGuard franchise I had absolutely no hesitation to grab it with both hand s. I am now 6 months down the line and have no regrets whatsoever. From the moment I met Ricky Walton and the SheerGuard HQ team I knew that this was the right decision. The training that is provided when you start enables you to hit the road running with the knowledge and confidence to run a successful business. Your strengths and weaknesses are identified and Rick works through these to bring the best out of you. The support from Head Office has been amazing, always ready and willing to assist when you need them . SheerGuard’s high sta ndard’s w ith r egards to p roduct and serviced elivery r eally enables y ou to pe rform at yo ur ab solutebe st at al l tim es. I am now running my own successful business with pride but more importantly with so much enjoyment. I was someone who was looking for something completely new and challenging in life and I am so grateful that I found SheerGuard.


Coming out of school most people would either go straight into university to get a degree or take a “Gap Year” to find out what they want to do with their adult lives. Having opted for the later I started my year off by working for a construction company and did coaching part


Buying a SheerGuard Franchise has without a doubt not only been a life changing decision but the best one we have made as a couple. We owned and operated restaurants for 23 years, from top franchises to privately established successful restaurants in Johannesburg and the Western Cape, with compliments of up to 60 staff serving up to 450 customers. The restaurant industry is a non-stop 24/7 occupation and e were looking for a more balanced life style, this could not happen in our restaurant business due to the nature of the industry. After careful considera


Having come from a completely different industry to home safety, I thought it would be a challenge, but once I bought my franchise my mind set changed! I have had complete support from SheerGuard SA head office, from the start up, with step by step assistance, to fully qualified leads which I have had a high success rate with and have already built a strong referral list with the relationships I have with my current clients. Any obstacles that have come along have been swi􀅌ly overcome with the personal, efficient support from the SheerGuard SA head office. The return on investment has exceeded my expectations and I am confident that this year will turn over even more profit. We believe that in this exciting South African economy it is vital we provide not only a premium product, but a complete solution which is both strong and stylish. We want to contribute by adding exactly that and hopefully more. Quality, style and light allowing safety into your home. In order to provide this my franchise team and I live by the following values: Clear – Passion Strong – Relationships Safe – Product These reasons make me realize what I choose to do makes a difference. “Follow my life -long passion which is to drive a successful, meaningful business which is most importantly rewarding and valuable.”